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Your Health & Wellness First 3/15/20

Dear Friends,

During this crazy time, I want to extend and express an abundance of caution when it comes to sanitary requirements when practicing a business such as massage.

Going beyond Washington State Department of Health’s strict standards for operating a massage business, Ohmbodywork follows strict guidelines of washing hands before and after any human contact; hand sanitizers, rubbing alcohol or disinfecting wipes are used in transition of contact with surfaces; and to practice strict orders to not come into the facility if anyone is feeling ill or has been in contact with anyone known to contract the virus.

In regards to the room itself, all hard surfaces that are in human contact are wiped with hospital-grade disinfecting wipes between clients; and All sheets, blankets, towels, covers, etc. are changed and cleaned through wash and steam cycles for sanitation. Plus the waiting area is also wiped down between clients as well as the Fabric surfaces sprayed with disinfectant between clients.

I hope this reassures your concerns during this crazy time and to let you know that Ohmbodywork and I are still open for business and happy to aide in the extra weight of the world on your shoulders.


ALSO: This is an invitation to stay in the light.
You know what zaps your immune system? Freaking the F’ out. •

Take your zinc. Seriously, that one is important. Prioritize sleep, water & balance. Vit D. Mushrooms. Elderberry. A great probiotic. Astragalus – my favorite herb, has an affinity for the lungs, boosts the health of mucosa, it’s so good. ( discontinue that one when sick!) Take whatever immune boosters you like.
Listen to your body. •

Be prepared with a stock of killers like oil of oregano, echinacea, garlic capsule. Just like flu season. •

Reminder, you can’t out supplement a crappy diet & expect anything helpful. No sugar, no booze, nothing you know causes inflammation for yourself. (Therefore lowering your immune system) That’s the recommendation. Loads of vibrant fruit and veg, soups, etc. Chinese medicine says no dairy & keep your wind gates covered, aka – wear a scarf if it’s windy & cold. •

If your feeling anxiety: first- ask, “is this mine?” (Right, because there’s a lotta lotta collective freak out right now) Second- “I am safe.” Say it with deep, slow breathing until your physical body softens and relaxes. •

Do you need me to remind you of the research about what happens to the water molecules when we talk lovingly to them. Remember that. Our mind and energy vastly impact our immune system. •

Over 60 & or immune compromised – use caution. Everyone obviously use safe healthy practices and clean surfaces and wash those hands like mad.

In Health & Happiness
~ Janine