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Mother’s & Father’s Day Gift Cards Available!

Greetings Friends!

Sending out a note that even though WA State has decided to extend the Quarantine date, Ohmbodywork Massage is Still Open and will Remain Open to provide you the Self-Care you Need. A special thanks to those that have extended your support in purchasing Gift Cards and Packages and have been braving the limits of quarantine and coming in for your self-care and sanity! Truly Appreciate it!

I honor and respect anyone’s decision to remain distant or continue with their self-care and stress maintenance during these trying times. Ohmbodywork follows strict guidelines of washing hands before and after any human contact; hand sanitizers, rubbing alcohol or disinfecting wipes are used in transition of contact with surfaces; and to practice strict orders to not come into the facility if anyone is feeling ill or has been in contact with anyone known to contract the virus.

Moving Forward, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is approaching! Show that stressed out Mama & Papa Bear your appreciation for their extra hard work these days with a Gift Card, available HERE, also available in office. Help Support Local Businesses and Moms & Dads alike and purchase a Gift Card Today! Also additional news, I have expanded a Second Office location for the Islanders of Bainbridge, 290 Madison Ave N, #206. Looking forward to expanding with the community of Bainbridge as well!

I hope this reassures your concerns during this crazy time and to let you know that Ohmbodywork and I are happy to aide in losing the extra weight of the world on your shoulders.

Sincerest Regards & Well Wishes!